Backyard Audio

Bring your entertainment outside! We design systems that not only perform fantastically,  but do not annoy your neighbors.  A properly designed outdoor system can sound good at all volume levels, blend into the space, and as stated not annoy your neighbors, unless you intend to… Not only do we design your new system for performance, but also with longevity in mind.   We pick products that are designed for outdoor environments and often carry a lifetime warranty.  If your system is down how can you show it off and refer us?

Outdoor AV Images & Ideas

Home Automation

An “automated home”, “smart home” or “connected home’, is a home that has everyday products that are controlled by one single app. With a couple clicks & swipes on your smart phone you can control everyday products such as lights and shades. Your home can even tell you when there’s a water leak or the water is running. Why is this important? Are you a second homeowner, should your second home be smarter than your primary? YES, wouldn’t it be convenient and save you thousands if your house could tell you it’s in harm’s way of a fire or frozen pipe. Your house can alert you and the proper authorities when problems arise.

Home Automation Ideas


What can your lighting switch tell you from a glance? Can it tell you the front door is unlocked or the garage door is open?  The ones we install can. We’re sure it’s no doubt you have experienced how good lighting design affects a room’s ambiance and mood. Trying to obtain this look with multiple light switches “ganged” together is not only difficult to achieve; it is an eyesore. Eliminate “wall acne” with the simple elegance of a Lighting Control keypad that is able to control either a circuit of lights, an entire room, the entire house, or any combination thereof. For example, one four-button lighting keypad in your Master Bedroom can have a button dedicated to turning on/off all of your room’s lighting, another button can dim the lighting to a preset scene for a romantic mood, a third button can light a pathway to your Kitchen, and the fourth button can turn off all of the lights in your house!